Massage is one of the most popular methods of doing something for the care and health, but also something for the well-being.
Enjoy the relaxing and beneficial service of our professional team.


Classic Massage

During the massage, the interaction of body and soul is significant because it is not just the mechanical action on the skin, which achieves an effect. Also the touch let flow invisible energy and has a profound effect. With this massage the circulation is stimulated, the metabolism is activated and releases the blockages.

Sports Massage

The sports massage is to activate the circulatory system. That is, the oxygen supply to the body and in the tissue is increased, harmful substances, such as slags are better derived and excreted. So they do not attach themselves so strongly in the muscles, which in turn results in less rapid fatigue. The mental and physical well being is enhanced with the sports massage and it will reach a so-called working pulse amplification. This means that the central nerve system is activated and so the muscle contractions are slow down prematurely .

With the help of sports massage the athletes will relax and as soon as possible find their way back to their best performance .



Relax – Massage

If one gives already the everyday much load, worry and anger, then a few professional pats are certainly not wrong. This massage is calming and harmonizing. Treat yourself to a little holiday treat.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu literally means “finger pressure”. This technique is in line with the traditional Chinese knowledge. Along the meridians pleasant pressure is applied by thumb or palm, in order to influence the life energy Ki. It stimulates the self-healing powers on, stimulates the immune system and improves the body’s defenses. Many ailments such as back pain, stomach problems, migraines or anxiety can be alleviated. Soon you feel like new life energy flowing through your body.